Atteggiamento Digitale was set up from a sharing of values with the mission to redefine the strategic consulting industry with an approach aimed to produce tangible and lasting results to Partners, not just performances.

A UNIQUE work team

There is no longer a hierarchy of customer/supplier roles but a single work team is created through which the Company is ensured constant training, digital growth of collaborators and its own brand.

We are action-oriented and through lateral thinking we create a personalized path that helps the Company stand out in terms of content, way of communicating and results. 

For Atteggiamento Digitale strategy is much more than a project, it’s the reference route and navigating a clear path with the compass in hand.
To be a point of reference both as people and as professionals for the personal and professional growth of the organizations we come into contact with. We get involved both as people and as professionals in respect of the values that bring lasting results.Inspire with humility, respect, listening, empathy, proposal, action, transformation, progress the achievement of goals.

Design, development, consultancy and promotion.



Services offered:
Training (financed and not)



Commercial of key figures

Subsidized funding

Strategic consultancy


Strategic Partnerships

The rules of engagement including the values of transparency and ethics are the result of meetings, reflections, in-depth meditations. We believe that an excellent work has come out of it and that this work must not be the prerogative of our company only but transparent and usable by all, therefore we have decided to insert the distinctive values of our Gentlemen Agreement in the dedicated section on our website.

Atteggiamento Digitale (AD) is a hub for connecting professionals of Value and Values.


1. We were born with the aim of helping SMEs that respect people

2. The good of the PMI is primary with respect to the benefit of each individual

3. Respect is an absolute value:

of the customer’s needs
of the person
of professionalism
of the agreements (times, choices, estimated costs and payments)4. Any misunderstandings will be clarified directly with the interested party and always in compliance with the agreements made with the customer.

5. Any additional requests from the customer will be subject (if necessary) to review both times and costs.
6. Any changes and updates to the costs of providing services will be expressed in writing with explicit expression of the motivation.

7. Any problems that prevent compliance with delivery times will be promptly reported to study with the customer the solution that minimizes the consequences of such delays.

8. Positive and proactive attitude are an integral part of this agreement.

9. Values such as nobility, loyalty, honesty, faith, sense of responsibility, respect for the other party, spirit of sacrifice, selflessness, altruism, friendship, commitment, teamwork, determination, courage are the basis of this organization.

10. Compliance with this document conditions the continuity of the partnership relationship.